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Welcome to my Web site!

     Here, you will find mostly everything that's related to me... such as my passions, my favorite pictures, my mechanical engineering projects...  I'll do my best to keep this as up to date as possible, but we all know that with time updates decline in quantity... I'll still try to be good.

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     Summer break is officially over today... Classes start again today; fun stuff.... Well, there are so many things to say about the summer...  Dassault Systemes was a great work experience; the Robert Page Festival Singers tour was phenomenal, and I learned more about the air entering pistons than I care to know at Renault!!  All this was followed by 10 days of relaxation at Sun Valley... and it's all over now...



     I picked up my M3 today!!! enough said.



     So Friends just ended. (tear).  It ended the way it should have... happily, yet still sadly in a way...  I'm not going to write a diatribe about it here... but it did finish just like I had hoped.

     Almost done with Finals - going home on the 8th!!!  I'm not sure I will be able to update the site over the summer, as my computer will remain in The Burgh while I'm out trotting the world...  But if I do find a way to update it, I will!!



     So we blew the competition at the Stress Analysis Design Project Final Competition: 7.25" lift (I know, we used to life 8" - I don't know what happened) and a 2.71 weight to lift ratio... the next best lift was a 3.785" and the next best ratio was around 3.4ish... So we won 2 of the 3 categories BUT Steif's only taking one test off our record - how uncool is that???



     I have just completed the (required, by Paul Steif) website for the Stress Analysis project.  It will soon be available under the MechE portion of the site, however, to prevent fellow classmates easy and up close access to the details of the structure, I have not uploaded it to the internet yet.  Come back on the 22nd to see it!



     Finally got the website up, with the help of the Alentus customer support (I could not set the home page to www.heitz.us; instead, it kept wanting to set itself to www.heitz.us/index.htm.  Now that that's finally taken care of, the site is up and running - well from what I can tell.

     Talk about convenience: the day I get the website up and running, and added a MechE section at the last minute, is the day I learned I need to make a site for my stress analysis project.  That'll fit right at home under the MechE section; check back in a couple of days for updates!


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